TA-DAAN Pop-up store

TA-DAAN at Design week 24

Experience TA-DAAN's vibrant presence at Design Week 2024!

The faces of the new contemporary and emerging artisans are the true protagonists of the exhibition "Geppetto is Over": a conceptual, immersive, and engaging experience that focuses on the TA-DAAN community.

April 15th to 21st

Discover our Pop-up store!

Find us at Via Nerino 2, Milan, Italy
From 10:00 am to 8:00 pm

Press Kit

Download our Press Kit for details and visuals on TA-DAAN design week event

Live Show-crafting

Meet our skilled artisans and witness the beauty of handmade production firsthand.

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Craft shows' Line-up

Cocktail Party

Join us for a drink, free entry upon registration

Photography exhibition

Geppetto is OVER

Discover the new faces of Craftsmanship