Margherita Potenza


Margherita Potenza

Milan, Italy

“Elegance is about a confident spirit, rather than opulence”.

Margherita is a maker who works with jewelry and body-related objects. She graduated from the Jewelry and Metal department at the Royal College of Art in London, worked as a goldsmith in Amsterdam and is now based in Milan, with her own studio.

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Value in the details

Drawing with wax

Margherita, a skilled jewelry artisan, has honed a unique technique that allows her to create fluid, one-of-a-kind pieces as if she's drawing with wax.

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Fluida Double Ring Fluida Double Ring
Margherita PotenzaFluida Double Ring
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Fluida Match Earrings Fluida Match Earrings
Fluida Necklace Fluida Necklace
Margherita PotenzaFluida Necklace
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Fluida Bangle Fluida Bangle
Margherita PotenzaFluida Bangle
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Fluida Hoops Fluida Hoops
Margherita PotenzaFluida Hoops
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You might wonder...

Yes, every wax is prepared from scratch, without using a mold, and because of the technique that I use for this collection every piece has its own details that cannot be reproduced exactly the same.

The pieces are made to be worn and you can feel free to enjoy your new piece of jewelry as much as you like. Do treat it with care to make it last the most, follow the tips on how to maintain it and replace it in its own box when you take it off.

If the plating on your piece does get faded, you can have it plated again for a small price, either in her studio or with your local jeweler.


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