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Hello creative mind, do you want to join this community of shakers and makers? Please, fill in the form liked below with your contact, a short description of what you make and what you want to do with TA-DAAN.

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We are growing together. I'm very happy with the collaboration: TA-DAAN team moves fast and wants to rock the world, is coming through loud and clear!

Bona Calvi


Common Values

We are building a community of creatives that share these values:

Responsible production & consumption

We want to rehabilitate the need for products with a low environmental impact and a high social and cultural value.

Preservation with a twist of innovation

Support small businesses with a strong anchoring in local territories, using traditional and innovative know-how.

Craftsmanship as self expression

Each creation reflect unique and creative personalities, artisans bringing together materials, techniques, shapes and colors.

Craftsmanship as a mean of connection

Facilitate collaboration and networking between artisans, brands and buyers to develop meaningful connections.


An ever growing community


TA-DAAN Artisans

We are more than just a digital showcase and a place for storytelling, we are helping creatives sell and grow their small businesses online. We aim to be representative of the values of boldness, the love of a good job done with care and time, where the process finishes by a strong and proud: “TA-DAAN!”