Turin, ITALY

“Our mission is creating superlative quality, customized leather goods for people who enjoy owning beautiful things.”

Born from the passion and creativity of Carlotta Sampò and Andrea Boffetta, Trakatan is a project that brings together tradition and innovation, translating the beauty of craftsmanship into contemporary bag designs.

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Value in the details

Crafting Tradition and Innovation

Trakatan produces innovation within tradition, merging past and future, and they keep on searching for innovative techniques through the reinterpretation of the old ones.

Their home is their workshop in Turin. This is where all their products take shape. Idea, design, prototype, pattern, cutting, skiving, gluing, assembly, stitching, checking… finished bag.

The beauty of craftsmanship, infused with contemporary style. A little workshop that tells its story every day, translating its philosophy into objects of timeless appeal.

Tradition and innovation, equilibrium and asymmetry come together in every piece.

16 products
Phone Pouch on Strap - Trakatan Phone Pouch on Strap - Trakatan
TrakatanPhone Pouch on Strap
Sale price$245.00 USD
Mini Leather Canister tall Mini Leather Canister tall
TrakatanMini Leather Canister tall
Sale price$109.00 USD
Mini Leather Canister low Mini Leather Canister low
TrakatanMini Leather Canister low
Sale price$82.00 USD
Leather Canister low Leather Canister low
TrakatanLeather Canister low
Sale price$161.00 USD
Leather Canister mid Leather Canister mid
TrakatanLeather Canister mid
Sale price$173.00 USD
Leather Canister tall Leather Canister tall
TrakatanLeather Canister tall
Sale price$189.00 USD
Trakatan handmade leather basket large Trakatan handmade leather basket large
TrakatanLeather Basket L
Sale price$384.00 USD
Trakatan leather basket XL Trakatan leather basket XL
TrakatanLeather Basket XL
Sale price$515.00 USD
Handmade leather coaster - Trakatan Handmade leather coaster - Trakatan
TrakatanRound Coaster - Set of 4
Sale price$64.00 USD
Round Placemat - Set of 4 Handmade leather coaster - Trakatan
TrakatanRound Placemat - Set of 4
Sale price$161.00 USD
Belt Bag - Trakatan Belt Bag - Trakatan
TrakatanBelt Bag
Sale price$394.00 USD
Mini Halfmoon Bag - Trakatan Mini Halfmoon Bag - Trakatan
TrakatanMini Halfmoon Bag
Sale price$331.00 USD
Crossbody Sling Pocket with Strap - Trakatan Crossbody Sling Pocket with Strap - Trakatan
TrakatanCrossbody Sling Pocket with Strap
Sale price$280.00 USD
Upcycled Woven Mini Tote Bag - Trakatan Upcycled Woven Mini Tote Bag - Trakatan
TrakatanUpcycled Woven Mini Crossbody Bag
Sale price$372.00 USD
Upcycled Woven Tote Bag - Trakatan Upcycled Woven Tote Bag - Trakatan
TrakatanUpcycled Woven Tote Bag
Sale price$553.00 USD
Filomena Flat Round Bag - Trakatan Filomena Flat Round Bag - Trakatan
TrakatanFilomena Flat Round Bag
Sale price$439.00 USD

You might wonder...

For almost as long as Trakatan bags have been around, we’ve been extending their lives with a range of repair services. It doesn’t only make them more beautiful. It's more sustainable too, and therefore better in general. Do not hesitate to contact us through TA-DAAN to find out how we repair, restore, refresh stuff and what you can do with your damaged trakatan product.

Yes, in case of special request do reach out to TA-DAAN in chat or via e-mail and we'll let you know if we can meet your needs. The Atelier gives you the opportunity to create your dream accessory. Choose the option that best suits your needs. Add a personal touch to your product by branding on letters or numbers. TA-DAAN and Trakatan offer this service to all those who want to customize the bag with initials, names, words or numbers. It’s also a fantastic way of making a gift even more special.

If the monthly stock is finished then the product is to be crafted. This is why we’d recommend allowing 2 weeks, as we are an artisanal workshop, we need our time to produce it and supply the materials. We don't over-produce stock, in order to reduce overproduction and waste for a more sustainable production.


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