Studio Moki


Studio Moki

Brandenburg, GERMANY

“Ceramics that bring joy and colour into everyday life.”

Studio Moki is a small one-woman ceramics studio south of Berlin. Wiebke Stade is the founder of Studio Moki, a small one women ceramics studio south of Berlin. She is a mum of two children, a fashion and jewellery designer and had the chance to try pottery in 2019. from then on, working with clay became an absolute passion and Wiebke used every spare second to sit down at the wheel.

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Value in the details

The Slow and Peaceful Pace of Ceramics

Sometimes everything starts with a drawing, sometimes everything is created directly on the wheel. As soon as the proportions are right and the new shape harmonies with the glazes, everything is recorded in writing. The clay is weighed and the sizes are noted. Little by little, a coherent ceramic collection is created. After the leather-hard clay has been turned to further elaborate the shape, the piece dries and is then fired for the first time in the kiln at 950 °C degrees. After about 24 hours, this first firing is finished and the glaze can be applied. Now the final firing follows for about 36 hours at 1220 °C degrees. The whole production process takes 4 weeks.

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Jewellery Bowl Jewellery Bowl
Studio MokiJewellery Bowl
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Paintbox jug Paintbox jug
Studio MokiPaintbox jug
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Wavie Coffee Mugs MIX - Set of 6 Wavie Coffee Mugs MIX - Set of 6
Snack Bowls MIX - Set of 6 Snack Bowls MIX - Set of 6
Latte Art Bowls MIX - Set of 6 Latte Art Bowls MIX - Set of 6
Snack Bowl Snack Bowl
Studio MokiSnack Bowl
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Latte Art Bowl Latte Art Bowl
Studio MokiLatte Art Bowl
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Wavie Coffee Mug Wavie Coffee Mug
Studio MokiWavie Coffee Mug
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You might wonder...

All the pieces can be put in the dishwasher, however, we do not recommend putting them in the microwave because despite being fired at 1220º, sudden changes in temperature can cause damage to the piece.

Studio Moki ceramics have a declaration of conformity for food contact materials that has been tested in an external laboratory.


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