Maison Héliora


Maison Héliora

Provence, FRANCE

"The Héliora Scarab, a true Talisman."

Hanna, German, Artist, Designer and Art Director. In love with creation, detail, nature and sharing, after 10 years of living in Paris, her passion brought her to the South of France. Living close to nature, she found a real affinity in her creations. The design is animated by the values of the earth, the dynamism of the sea and the simplicity of a whole.

Since a trip to Egypt, Hanna is fascinated by their mythology where the scarab is a symbol of inner strength. She felt immersed in a magical aura as she experienced the symbiosis of her childhood with her grandmother when she told her about the power of talismans. Wearing something particularly unique, feeling deeply and invincibly connected.

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Value in the details

Artisanal Elegance: Unique Porcelain Creations from Provence

The designer creates high precision pieces entirely handmade in her atelier in Provence. She favors quality and uniqueness for you, that’s why her pieces are made in small limited and numbered series, guaranteeing you that the scarab you choose will be unique.
«Sculpting, forming, creating, letting the soul speak.»
The designer creates each porcelain piece with her own hands. It is a very long process that requires a lot of exciting work: Piece by piece, each curve is patiently drawn, sculpted, refined and meticulously polished in her atelier. This creation needs a particular treatment and must be realized in 3 firings in the respect of the Arts of the Fire in a kiln at High Temperature. Finally it is the precious moment of the delicate laying of the liquid gold with a brush, which will be fired in the third time. A passion for detail, for the handmade.

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