“Transforming spaces with textile artistry”

Ayako Matsuo, a Japanese textile artist, is the visionary behind 'ito,' a Berlin-based textile brand that focuses on creating exquisite interior pieces. Born in Nara, Japan in 1988, Ayako's passion for handcrafts was nurtured by her mother and grandmother, who instilled in her a love for creating clothing and various interior items from a young age. In her early twenties, Ayako embarked on a transformative journey through Asian countries such as India and Thailand. Immersed in the rich cultural tapestry of these lands, she found inspiration in ancient alphabets, hieroglyphs, and the stunning traditional fabrics she encountered.

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Hand Tufting, Wool Dyeing, and Meticulous Design

She utilizes the hand tufting technique, using tufting guns to create their designs. She personally designs and dyes the wool, meticulously colouring small batches over several days. The process continues as each piece is handcrafted, followed by precise surface trimming, ensuring craftsmanship.

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Suna Tufted Cushion Covers - Set of 2- Ito Suna Tufted Cushion Covers - Set of 2- Ito
Sola Tufted Cushion Covers - Set of 2 - Ito Sola Tufted Cushion Covers - Set of 2 - Ito
Kata Tufted Cushion - Ito Kata Tufted Cushion
ItoKata Tufted Cushion
Sale priceFrom $164.00 USD
Umi Tufted Cushion Covers - Set of 2- Ito Umi Tufted Cushion Covers - Set of 2
Kata Tufted Circle Rug Kata Tufted Circle Rug
ItoKata Tufted Circle Rug
Sale price$409.00 USD

You might wonder...

Yes, it is possible to make custom size. in case of custom size order please reach out to TA-DAAN in chat or via e-mail.

Envelope closure with linen fabric.

We recommend hand washing as much as possible. You can use a wash bag in hand wash mode. However, please do not use a dryer. This is a wool product.


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