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Home Studyo, a Belgium-based design brand, is founded by Mathieu Van Damme (Case Studyo) and Esther Noben (Toykyo).
Esther, graduated in Architecture, became partner & art director at Toykyo in 2015, where she directs a diverse team of talents. Her ability to tell stories through visuals and her meticulous attention to detail ensure that each Home Studyo product is not just an object but a narrative waiting to be discovered. ​

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Value in the details

Designed in Belgium, crafted in Portugal

Home Studyo products undergo meticulous design in Belgium, then crafted by hand in Portugal using slip-cast earthenware. Basic steps include modeling, casting, firing, glazing, and packaging. The process typically takes 3-6 months. The uniqueness lies in their design and Trompe-L'oeil effect.

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Home-Studyo - Handamde ceramic jug Emily Jug
Home StudyoEmily Jug
Sale price$113.00 USD
Home-Studyo - Handamde ceramic vase Home-Studyo - Handamde ceramic vase
Home StudyoPierre Planter
Sale price$106.00 USD
Handamde ceramic vase - Home Studyo Handamde ceramic vase - Home Studyo
Home StudyoOscar Vase
Sale price$153.00 USD
Handmade ceramic mirror - Home Studyo Joyce Mirror
Home StudyoJoyce Mirror
Sale price$274.00 USD

You might wonder...

No, the design is a trompe l'oeil and reminds of an inflatable object that is used in swimming pools.

To make new colors, a minimum quantity is required, please reach out to TA-DAAN via e-mail.


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