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Don Fisher

Barcelona, Spain

"We enjoyed beautiful things so we started thinking about the word 'beautiful' in Spanish, which is 'bonito'. This is also the name of a fish so… why not making 'bonitos' as fish-shaped cases?"

Don Fisher loves sailing the seven seas in search of nice things. He spends his time fishing all the Bonitos he can. These Bonitos are hand made with the highest quality materials and are fresh and ready to use. Also, theirs inside is fleshy and full of fishbones, completely irresistible.

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Value in the details

Carefully handmade

Each Bonito is made one by one with our hands, from design to the last stitch, which makes each fish a unique piece.

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Eel case knitting needles eel case
Don FisherEel Case
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sole shape case sole shape case
Don FisherSole Case
Sale price$35.00 USD
verdin case Verdin Case
Don FisherVerdin Case
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oyster shaped purse oyster shaped purse
Don FisherOyster Purse
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mussel shaped purse mussel shaped purse
Don FisherMussel Purse
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Flying fish keychain Don Fisher Flying fish keychain Don Fisher
Don FisherFlying fish Keychain
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fish shape case fish shape case
Don FisherCarp Case
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Blue anchovy keychain zipper Blue anchovy keychain
Don FisherBlue anchovy Keychain
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fish shaped case fish shaped case flying fish
Don FisherTA-DAAN Bonito Set
Sale price$83.00 USD

You might wonder...

Whatever you like! Many people uses the bonitos as pencil cases, as small purses to keep the most personal items in their bag, as keychain holders, as makeup bag.

Yes, each bonito is machine washable in warm water, but don’t tumble dry!
We suggest to clean small stains with a damp cloth.

A chat with the founder of Don Fisher

Don Fisher loves sailing the seven seas in search of nice things. 🎣 If you are reading this, you probably love searching for nice things too! 🌊

Here you can find out more about Don Fisher and the cute Bonitos they produce.
We had a chat with Julia, the founder, and Lorena! Read up 💬👇


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