Clara Clamens


Clara Clamens

Marseille, FRANCE

“Wood pieces to reconnect with your inner child.”

After years spent in international business settings, Clara Clamens decided to get closer to her original passion for designing, creating objects and furnitures and working with wood. Motivated by the concrete and useful aspects of building everyday objects, she started woodworking school in 2020 and established herself in her workshop in Marseille.

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Value in the details

The Craftsmanship of Woodworking

The wood received is a dry sawn timber of 45mm thick.
First, the wood is surfaced which usually decrease the thickness of 10mm circa. The shapes imagined are drawn directly on the wood, they are cut thanks to the bandsaw and then sanded multiple times.
After that, the holes for the candles and the metallic inserts are glued and sanded. Then it's time for the final touch: oiling and stamping each piece.

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Soli wood bud vase Soli wood bud vase
Clara ClamensSoli wood bud vase
Sale price$145.00 USD
NIki candleholder NIki candleholder
Clara ClamensNIki candleholder
Sale price$281.00 USD
Ïssou candleholder Ïssou candleholder
Clara ClamensÏssou candleholder
Sale price$281.00 USD
Ziz candleholder Ziz candleholder
Clara ClamensZiz candleholder
Sale price$281.00 USD
Solo candleholder Solo candleholder
Clara ClamensSolo candleholder
Sale price$213.00 USD

You might wonder...

If a piece is stained, clean it with hot water and dry immediately. Never scrub the piece.


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