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Clara ceramics

Madrid, SPAIN

“Ceramic pieces designed and made slowly to honor the small moments.”

Clara is the founder of Clara Ceramics, the Madrid-based studio from which she designs and produces her pieces.
She has always loved expressing herself and creating with her hands. She discovered pottery as a child, when she went to pottery classes with her mother. She studied Fine Arts at the Complutense University of Madrid. When she finished her fine arts studies and went back to try pottery she completely fell in love with the material and especially the slow, leisurely time involved in the ceramic process.

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Value in the details

Defining each piece step by step

It all starts with the drawing. She has a notebook where she makes the first designs, then she tries sizes and proportions with the clay until she finds the piece that is most harmonious and comfortable to use.
Once the design is done, she formulates, weighs, and tests a few glazes to see how the colors look on the piece. When the glaze is defined, she produces the pieces on the wheel. All the pieces go through the kiln twice: the first time the pieces come out porous and she has to wait for them to be completely dry in order to apply the glaze, then they return to the kiln for the final firing. The production process takes about a month.

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Clavel cup pottery Clara Ceramics Clavel cup pottery Clara Ceramics
Clara ceramicsClavel cup
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Dot cup pottery Clara Ceramics Dot cup
Clara ceramicsDot cup
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Clara ceramicsOna cup
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You might wonder...

All the pieces can be put in the dishwasher, however, we do not recommend putting them in the microwave because despite being fired at 1260º, sudden changes in temperature can cause damage to the piece.

Yes, all the enamels we use are high-temperature and therefore inert, we also pay great attention that the proportion of toxic substances in the preparation of the enamels does not exceed the established limits.

In our shipments we try to reuse packaging, among these packaging materials there may be bubble wrap. We believe that reusing and using what already exists is the best way to be sustainable and respectful of the planet. So yes, our packages may contain plastics and they may not be the prettiest, but they will be reducing the impact of production on the environment.


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