Bona Calvi Miniature-Bona Calvi


Bona Calvi Miniature

Milan, Italy

“I like to make pieces that entertain the viewer”

Bona was born in Milan, in 1989. After graduating from the Liceo Classico, her passion for drawing led her to enroll at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts.

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Value in the details

The magic of lost wax technique

Bona models a special wax using tiny tools. This technique is very ancient and allows the creation of micro sculptural pieces.
The wax is "lost" because it goes melted in the process.

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Hippo Necklace Hippo Necklace
Crab Ring Crab Ring
Bona Calvi MiniatureCrab Ring
Sale price$98.00 USD
Arturo Rabbit Ring Arturo Rabbit Ring
Carrot Ring Carrot Ring
Bona Calvi MiniatureCarrot Ring
Sale price$98.00 USD
anchovy ring Anchovy ring - Bona Calvi
Bona Calvi MiniatureAnchovy Ring
Sale price$103.00 USD
sloth ring Bona Calvi Sloth Ring
Bona Calvi MiniatureSloth Ring
Sale price$125.00 USD
BonaCalviMiniature-Orso Bear ring - Bona Calvi
Bona Calvi MiniatureBear Ring
Sale price$153.00 USD
Giraffe Ring Giraffe Ring
Bona Calvi MiniatureGiraffe Ring
Sale price$131.00 USD
Ginko bracelet - Bona Calvi Ginko Biloba Bracelet
octopus ring Bona Calvi octopus ring Bona Calvi
Bona Calvi MiniatureOctopus Ring
Sale price$125.00 USD
BonaCalviMiniature-Maialino BonaCalviMiniature-Maialino
Collana pesce Collana pesce
Bona Calvi MiniatureFish Necklace
Sale price$81.00 USD
Lovebirds Ring Inseparabili
Bona Calvi MiniatureLovebirds Ring
Sale price$109.00 USD
Daisy Earrings - Bona Calvi daisy earrings Bona Calvi
Bona Calvi MiniatureDaisy Earrings
Sale price$125.00 USD
Gingerbread Man Ring Gingerbread Man Rings Enameled and Non-Enameled
Fish Earrings Fish Earrings
Bona Calvi MiniatureFish Earrings
Sale price$125.00 USD
Popsicle Ring Popsicle Ring
Bona Calvi MiniaturePopsicle Ring
Sale price$92.00 USD
Starfish Bracelet Starfish Bracelet
Sunnies Ring Sunnies Ring
Bona Calvi MiniatureSunnies Ring
Sale price$103.00 USD

You might wonder...

Yes, but avoid contact with salt water and water containing chlorine.

Bona Calvi Jewels are made in "brone" a special brass bronze alloy. Sometimes (and also depending on you ph) a green halo appears but is in no way harmful to the wearer. It can happen especially when the ring is new and can therefore have processing residues. We therefore advise you to clean and polish it now that is new and from time to time in the future.
Also we advice not wearing it when washing your hands. You can clean it with a jewelry cleaning solution. These precautions should be sufficient to avoid the green halo in most cases, but another tip to avoid the problem for good is to apply in the internal part of the ring a thin layer of clear nail polish.

No! All jewels by Bona Calvi are nickel free.


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