Valentina Mavela

Valentina Mavela

Interview with the artisan | Carrara marble is considered a really precious natural stone and Valentina Mavela knows it very well. We invited her to tell us more about where her passion comes from.

Carrara marble is considered one of the most precious natural stones for its peculiar way of reflecting light, as well as its inalterability over time. Valentina Mavela knows very well the potential of this extraordinary material. Born into a family of stonemasons, she decided to carry on the activity initially undertaken by her great-grandfather in 1913.
Today, Valentina and her brother Alessandro are working marble with a minimal design for the contemporary life.
We invited Valentina to tell us more about where her passion comes from and what values Marmolove communicates.

Marmolove 3some plates

Hi Valentina, thanks for being here. Please, introduce yourself to TA-DAAN community and tell us how you start Marmolove.

Hi there! I’m Valentina, and together with my brother Alessandro, I’m the founder of Marmolove.
I have a curious soul, I love reading and going for very long walks together with Romeo, my puppy dog.
Being curious and attached to my land, led me to come closer to my family job, the marble work, once I finished my studies.
The workshop has always fascinated me. Even today, after many years, I always discover new things.
Marmolove was born from a need: bring marble and natural stones in the houses of people that love interior design and home decor, but perhaps already have a furnished home. Instead of big pieces of furniture, what about design objects that could grant this demand? Marmolove is the answer to this desire that has often been addressed.

Marmolove cutting board in the making
Marmolove cutting board

Marble working is a precious family heritage for you. How do you combine tradition to contemporary taste? What is it like working with your brother Alessandro?

I feel blessed, first of all, to have this great opportunity thanks to the work done by my forerunners: my great-grandfather, grandfather and dad.
It’s a challenge because it’s unexplored territory, and it’s necessary to keep updated and observe what surrounds us, to be always receptive to customers new needs. At the same time is very exciting!
Working with my brother is significant for me. Of course, there are highs and lows because of our different approaches to work, but having different perspectives helps to find a good balance and reach the top in our decisions.

Marmolove products living room marble

Tell us something not many know about marble!

Maybe that if treated with the suitable protective and kept with care, it’s not such a fragile material as we may think.

Marmolove space studio
Marmolove i'll get you container
Marmolove preparing packaging

The everyday products you realize are unique design pieces: which ones are your favourite? Why?

Wow, it’s hard to choose… I will pick the three plates set “3some” and the medium size “I’ve got you covered” holder and container. I find them perfect in every setting, and I have to admit that I have a thing for circular shapes.

Marmolove 3some plates
Marmolove I got you covered holder
Marmolove I got you covered plate

Take us into your workshop and show us the process to make one of your chopping boards.

Sure! We start with the cutting machinery that leaves the product semifinished. At this time, we switch to the finishing touch, which is manual.
The latter is the most crucial step because the chopping board takes shape, and we can care of all the details. Then we mark the piece with our logo, and it’s ready to be shipped.
The entire manufacturing process lasts about 45 minutes for each piece.

Marmolove cutting marble
Marmolove finishing touches
Marmolove finishing touches

As a good Ligurian, a mortar could not miss in the house (and Marmolove collection). Do you have a special recipe for pesto sauce? Will you share it with us?

Mmh, more than a recipe (which is subjective), I can tell you what absolutely must not miss in a real Genovese pesto: garlic!


I feel blessed, first of all, to have this great opportunity thanks to the work done by my forerunners: my great-grandfather, grandfather and dad.

Valentina Mavela – Marmolove founder

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