Finale Ligure, Italy

Marmolove carries with it a very long history, made up of family and passion.
The work of the marble worker has been with them since they were children. Valentina and her brotherΒ grew up between marble and natural stones.
Marmolove knowledge hand down from four generations, when their great-grandfather started in 1913, and it's the result of ideas, dreams and work.

β€œ Be wary of imitations; you know a Marmolove product by its love, marble, and logo ”

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The uniqueness of artisanal products is found in their story - discover it!

Hand made

Valentina is used to personally choosing each material she is going to work on to reach the highest quality. She finishes each product by hand, shaping it to make it unique and to make it yours.

Zero waste production

Valentina uses only Italian origin materials and uses all pieces in the workshop to give new life to even the most petite marble section.

New perspectives

Marmolove mission is to make people look at and experience marble and natural stone with new eyes.

A chat with the founder of Marmolove

We invited Valentina Mavela for a chat!
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You might wonder...

Can Marmolove products be used in contact with food?

On every product intended to come into contact with food, Marmolove uses a protective coating called "Safe Food" which has been specially developed for marble, granite and stone.
It allows you to use your Marmolove in complete peace and safety.
This type of product has a nanotechnological formulation with a pearl effect, which means that if the Marmolove comes into contact with a liquid such as water, wine, oil or juices of various kinds, these will not be absorbed by the marble but a kind of pearl will be created which will prevent the formation of condensation and unpleasant stains, also making it easy to clean the product.

Why shall I pick a marble kitchen tool?

Marble is a durable material with a great aesthetic power.
If you are looking for an object yet useful, but also to showcase in your kitchen the marble rolling pin, the marble cut board or the mortar are all beautiful objects that not only are functional, but also will decor your home.

How best to care for Marmolove products?

Marble products can be washed with water and neutral soap without the use of acidic, aggressive or do-it-yourself products, and to avoid scratching the material it is best not to use scouring pads to remove any stains.