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    Est. 2018

  • Slow is a true revolution

    We are living fast and consuming too fast...that's why choosing slow and ethical production is a revolutionary act.

    We believe slow and well-made products are the truly valuable goods: lasting for longer, they are a great investment both for you and the planet.

  • Transparency at heart

    The products we promote are well-made by exceptionally-skilled people who devote themselves to do a damn good job!
    We tell their story and support their work.

    We have nothing to hide: here you know exactly where a product comes from, where it's made and who makes it!

TA-DAAN team at work

About us

Founded by a team of women.

The TA-DAAN founding team met in October 2018 in Milan. Roberta, Costanza, Sara and Valeria share a passion for Craftsmanship and strongly believe that this great world conveys important values for the present day and even more for the future.

We noticed a renewed interest for the craft industry especially among Millennials: many of them have left office jobs to embrace a manual profession where creativity is at it's core.
A new generation of small businesses needed support and visibility: thus we decided to create TA-DAAN!

Digital magazine & community

From the beginning, we had the mission to support and promote artisans and small businesses with the TA-DAAN factor.

However, we felt like contemporary craftsmanship wasn't well communicated: the Geppetto stereotype needed to be reshaped and Millennials had to be reached through the right channels: social media!

We launched our digital media on Instagram under the handle: @real_ta_daan and then little by little on other channels like: Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, TikTok, and even our own blog!
We are now a growing community of about 200K people.

The shop

The global selection of contemporary craftsmanship is here! We have opened the TA-DAAN Shop: discover and buy, in one place, Europe's coolest crafts!

We are more than just a digital showcase and a place for storytelling, we are helping creatives sell and grow their small businesses.

Reshaping Craftsmanship

Reshaping craftsmanship is our mission: moving away from old stereotypes, contemporary craftsmanship blends together tradition and innovation. Our artisans create cool pieces for a modern life.

  • We care about who makes your products

    Purchasing something from TA-DAAN is not just about getting original objects, but also knowing who makes them!
    It's the guarantee of a responsible production with a short supply chain.

    Learn more about our sustainability index