Curated Gift Guide _ Junit Lamp

Curated Gift Guide

Gift Guide made by @Icantaffordthisbutmaybeshecan | Discover the top ten gems selected by Malika and George for the festive season!

"I can’t afford this but maybe she can is the long distance shopping list of a wannabe millionaire and a would be millionaire. This love project was started 3 years ago by British creative director George Wu and French artist Malika Favre, two close friends and fellow colour lovers.
Through daily posts, they open a dialogue about beauty in all shapes and forms, from everyday objects to fashion, architecture, interior design and anything in between.

Malika and George

Discover their curated gift guide

We just love making wishlists as you all know so got very excited when fellow beauty seekers @real_ta_daan tasked us to come up with a selection of hand-crafted beauties from all over Europe.
Here are the top ten gems we are lusting over ahead of the festive season! Santa, pay attention... (Malika & George)

Duarte Galo - Cup & Saucer Mixed - Set of 6

A gorgeous handmade set showing off the full-colour range from Portuguese brand Duarte Galo.
George: "These are locally made, we love the juxtaposition of glossy and matt."

Pottery and poetry - Sushi set - 4 people

Another beauty for the dinner table. This porcelain sushi set is a perfect balance of utility and art by Pottery & Poetry based in Sofia, Bulgaria.
Malika: “I have a trio of these, they are perfect for my apéro dînatoire. I love the primary colours, they remind me of going back to school but way fancier."

Fuyu Art - Clay Juice Boxes

Playful ceramic juice boxes inspired by Japanese packaging by Chilean Artist Fuyu Art.
George: “CUTE CUTE CUTE! These are insanely adorable, I need a full set because I can’t choose.”

Schneid Studio - Junit Lamp

Schneid Studio were inspired by the Bauhaus to create the Junit Lamp which are handmade in Germany. Lamps can be customised by combining eight different elements.
George: “Love the mix-and-match playful geometric style”
Malika: “This is one of those products I’ve been eyeing up for a few years”

Toino Abel - Basket n.7

Toino Abel uses an original 100-year-old craft from his grandparents' small village in Portugal to create perfectly made soft-rush baskets.
George: “I am obsessed with baskets and I have been lusting after these for quite some time. I featured them at the start of our account and I’m still obsessed.”

Lanificio Leo - Insula Blanket

Lanificio Leo is the oldest textile factory in Calabria, Italy. They work with a mix of contemporary designers. This design is by Valentina Mancini and Pasquale Iaconantonio. The pattern is inspired by the urban fabric of ancient Roman cities.
George: “Perfect for cosy winter times on the sofa”

Aketekete - Zoore Colour Block Basket

One-of-a-kind woven baskets crafted by artisans from the North of Ghana. Aketekete values connecting with creatives to produce modern pieces using traditional techniques.
George: “Again with my baskets! Love the colours and that they are handmade using traditional methods. These look super strong, perfect for storage and wouldn’t lose their shape.”

Malika: “Love the chunky handles”

Lemon Lily - Candleholder set

Lemon Lily

Sustainable wooden candleholders handmade in the Netherlands by Najat Lemouesset.

Malika: “So beautiful you wouldn’t even need candles!”
George: “These would look good with the Schneid Studio lights above my dining table.”

Mesh Jewellery - Duet Earrings

Mesh is an ethically sourced jewellery brand based in Porto, Portugal that uses 100% recycled silver in all their pieces.
George: “We love a big earring! These would make you feel dressed up by just wearing them. I would rock them with my pj’s on Christmas Day.”

Malika: “I’ll do the same but naked. Lol”

RugBurn - "Party Sub" Black Forest Ham Sandwich Rug

Founder Angela Slider is inspired by Americana to create her tufted artworks which she describes as Utilitarian Absurdities.

George: "this made me laugh out loud. I have a new son so I would be using this as an excuse to decorate his bedroom with fun stuff like this."

Malika: "I’m a veggie so I don’t approve of this message but I think it’s hilarious."

Here are the top ten gems we are lusting over ahead of the festive season! Santa, pay attention.

- Malika & George