Pottery & Poetry


Pottery & Poetry

Sofia, Bulgaria

"Every dish you serve can taste better, as the process of eating starts with observation".

Pottery & Poetry comes from the head and the hands of an architect (Mimi) and the soul of a lawyer (Zory). Two friends who spontaneously embarked on a hobby turned experiment, turned art project, turned business journey.

Before dedicating full-time to ceramics, Mimi was architect Maria Baleva – founder and partner in a well recognized studio famous for its interior and product designs – FUNKT.

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Value in the details

Utility Without Leaving Behind Aesthetics

They believe that they can create items for everyday use that can be considered real art pieces.

7 products
Dip Bowl Ultramarine Dip Bowl Underside
Pottery and PoetryDip Bowl
Sale priceFrom €38,00 EUR
Rounded Plate Rounded Plate Blue
Pottery and PoetryRounded Plate
Sale priceFrom €56,00 EUR
Elongated Plate Elongated Plate
Pottery and PoetryElongated Plate
Sale priceFrom €56,00 EUR
Sushi Tray Set Sushi Tray Set
Pottery and PoetrySushi Tray Set
Sale price€150,00 EUR
Sushi set - 2 people Sushi set - 2 people
Pottery and PoetrySushi set - 2 people
Sale price€220,00 EUR
Sushi set - 4 people Sushi set - 4 people
Butter dish Butter dish
Pottery and PoetryButter dish
Sale price€98,00 EUR

You might wonder...

The collection comes in 6 bold and contemporary colors: blue, cadmium yellow, sage, ultramarine, red, pale pink

Yes! All pieces and glazes are non-toxic and safe to heat up. When washing however, we recommend hand-washing to preserve colors for longer but dishwashing is totally okay.


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