Arnhem, Netherlands

"We share the Love of Design"

Najat is the founder of a Dutch interior brand that originates from the city of Arnhem, a lovely city where nature's beauty surrounds every corner with its fields and forests.

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Value in the details

Colorful combinations

Lemon Lily aims to keep surprising you in shapes, colours and functions to create a smile on your face. You can mix and match their products, choosing your colour and model to fit your personal style.

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Candleholder-3-in-1-low red Candleholder-3-in-1-low red amb
Lemon LilyCandleholder 3-in-1 low
Sale priceFrom €56,00 EUR
Candleholder-3-in-1-high natural Candleholder-3-in-1-high group
Lemon LilyCandleholder 3-in-1 high
Sale priceFrom €98,00 EUR
Candleholder-2-in-1-stack yellow Candleholder-2-in-1-stack yellow amb
Lemon LilyCandleholder 2-in-1 stack
Sale priceFrom €78,00 EUR
Candleholder-Cone-high green Candleholder-Cone-high group
Lemon LilyCandleholder Cone high
Sale priceFrom €68,00 EUR
Candleholder-Set-of-3 red Candleholder-Set-of-3 red amb
Lemon LilyCandleholder Set of 3 (-11%)
Sale priceFrom €180,00 EUR
Candleholder-Set-of-2 yellow Candleholder-Set-of-2 yellow top
Lemon LilyCandleholder Set of 2 (-8%)
Sale priceFrom €152,00 EUR

You might wonder...

Let the wax dry completely. Don't scratch it of with a sharp tool, but just rub the dried wax off manually and clean with a dry cloth.

The opening for the dinner candle has a diameter of 2.2 cm which is a universal size and it should be easy to find the right candles.


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