Violette Chevalier


Violette Chevalier

Marseille, France

Draw inspiration from nature and textures.

Pépites pendants, sculptural earrings, coulas bangles, Violette Chevalier explores the metal material and its transformations to shape unique and vibrant jewels. Embrace shapes while imitating them. The organic world is evoked both in the textures and in the volumes.

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Value in the details

Inspired by the organic world

Violette Chevalier investigates the properties of metal and its various forms to craft distinctive and vivid jewelry pieces, drawing inspiration from and replicating natural shapes in both texture and dimension.

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JALA bracelet JALA bracelet
Violette ChevalierJALA bracelet
Sale price$84.00 USD
JALA necklace JALA necklace
Violette ChevalierJALA necklace
Sale price$131.00 USD
Grammi earring Grammi earring
Violette ChevalierGrammi earring
Sale price$70.00 USD
Beans Antique earrings Beans Antique earrings
Coulas earrings Coulas earrings
Violette ChevalierCoulas earrings
Sale price$131.00 USD


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