Studio Bojola


Studio Bojola

Florence, ITALY

"Experimenting with matter is essential in my process. It is through this that I grasp the limits of the object and that the idea takes shape."

Margherita Bojola is an Italian fashion and interior designer based in Florence, currently splitting her time between Studio Bojola an interior design studio and UND, the swimwear and activewear brand of which she is designer and co-founder.

Having graduated from Polimoda, Margherita has garnered valuable experience working with esteemed fashion houses like Salvatore Ferragamo, Woolrich Europe, and Ermanno Scervino. Her creations embody a sense of quiet luxury, placing emphasis on the impeccable quality of each production process and material, rather than excessive opulence.

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Reviving Elegance: A Fusion of Italian Craftsmanship and Timeless Crystal Artistry

The STUDIO BOJOLA collection is the result of collaborations between Studio Bojola and a renowned Italian craftsmanship realities. This line was born with the purpose of celebrating the priceless treasures that make Italy truly unique in the world. The Cristallo collection brings to light the rich archive of crystal shapes from a historic artisan glassware in Empoli,
known for its fine crystal craftsmanship since 1945. The collection originates from the idea of reclaiming pre-existing shapes found in the crystal archive and reworking them to create new objects, without the need to employ additional energy in the production of new molds and blowings. Shapes blown years ago, left in standby for years, come to life again in a process of cutting, assembling, and reworking. Molds from the 1950s are brought back to life, giving rise to objects for modern interiors. The raw essence of each crystal shape is preserved and interpreted in its entirety, while its color and brilliance merge into a new and captivating body, distinct from traditional designs, yet enhanced by the simplicity of its form.

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PALMI Mixed Crystal Glass Box PALMI Mixed Crystal Glass Box
PALMI Amber Crystal Glass Box PALMI Amber Crystal Glass Box
PALMI Clear Crystal Glass Box PALMI Clear Crystal Glass Box
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NUVOLA Clear Crystal Glass Vase NUVOLA Clear Crystal Glass Vase
NUVOLA Pink Crystal Glass Vase NUVOLA Pink Crystal Glass Vase
NUVOLA Amber Crystal Glass Vase NUVOLA Amber Crystal Glass Vase

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