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“Let's go back to the origin, to the slow process.”

Her journey in ceramics started by chance. Having worked in the music industry her entire life, Almudena grew in her personal and professional life to discover that what was truly moving her inner motivations was directly related to creation and creativity.

The contrast Almudena encountered when she first met the ceramic process was huge - coming from a very hectic and rushed world that suddenly turned into a slow quiet process that didn't depend on anybody else but herself to create.

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Value in the details

Mastering the Art of Pottery: Almudena's Slow and Mindful Creations

She specializes in pottery wheeling, although she mixes other techniques such as modeling. In her studio, she exclusively works with high-temperature clay such as stoneware. It is a very slow process, so patience and mindfulness are a must. From the design, the tests, and the creation of the piece, to the formulation of the colors and glazes - everything passes through Almudena's hands.

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Mezzaluna Coffee Cup Mezzaluna Coffee Cup
PEDREÑOMezzaluna Coffee Cup
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Tricase Pink Cortado Cup Tricase Pink Cortado Cup
PEDREÑOTricase Pink Cortado Cup
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Greta Pet Bowl Greta Pet Bowl
PEDREÑOGreta Pet Bowl
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Tricase Orange Latte Cup Tricase Orange Latte Cup
PEDREÑOTricase Orange Latte Cup
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You might wonder...

Yes, all the materials that she is using are food-safe.

All the ceramics are suitable for dishwasher or microwave but for better maintenance we recommend washing it by hand and not exposing the piece to high temperature changes.
You will make your ceramics last longer

I do, in case of special request do reach out to TA-DAAN in chat or via e-mail and we'll let you know if we can meet your needs.


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