Montse Roa


Montse Roa

Barcelona, SPAIN

“Thinking with hands.”

Montse Roa is a product designer (ELISAVA, Barcelona) and film art director (ESCAC, Barcelona). In 2015, she leaves her hometown, Barcelona, and goes to live in the countryside, in the middle of the Ebro Delta rice fields, and it is at that moment that she discovers basketry: creativity, calm, precision, and connection with nature.

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Handcrafted Bags: The Intricate Process of Montse's Willow Creations

The pieces that Montse makes are completely handmade, it is a slow and laborious process.
First, the most suitable willows are chosen to make the piece and submerged in water for 15 days so that they acquire the ideal elasticity and flexibility to be braided.
Next, the structural parts of the pieces are made, the main nerves with the help of some wooden molds and they are left to dry for about 10 days. With the help of a central axis, the different structures and nerves are joined and you can start weaving the piece with finer willows, normally using the Zig-zag technique.
This technique is inspired by the traditional rib technique that was used to make recollection baskets. But in this case, it gives rise to bags for contemporary use.

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Zig Zag Medium Bag Zig Zag Medium Bag
Montse RoaZig Zag Medium Bag
Sale price$211.00 USD
Zig Zag Small Bag Zig Zag Small Bag
Montse RoaZig Zag Small Bag
Sale price$200.00 USD
Eva Belt Bag Eva Belt Bag
Montse RoaEva Belt Bag
Sale price$189.00 USD
Dora Two Bag Dora Two Bag
Montse RoaDora Two Bag
Sale price$200.00 USD
Dora One Bag Dora One Bag
Montse RoaDora One Bag
Sale price$200.00 USD

You might wonder...

I do, in case of special request do reach out to TA-DAAN in chat or via e-mail and we'll let you know if we can meet your needs.

Are all Montse Roa products handmade?

No, these are very resistant and light pieces, properties that wicker provides.


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