Mira Capalbio


Mira Capalbio

Capalbio, Italy

“Italian, artisanal, Maremma.”

Mira was born from the minds but above all from the hearts of three boys with such a boundless passion for their motherland that they dream of offering it and transporting it beyond the limits of its territory. And so, even for the most incredulous, the idea spontaneously arises of revealing this feeling of ours immediately to the eyes, to show you the uniqueness and beauty of our world seen from within.

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Value in the details

MIRA Eyewear's Timeless Elegance

For the first two models with a strong character, we have chosen 100% made in Italy cellulose acetate as the material. The acetate slabs that we choose and select to give life to a unique, resistant and long-lasting product are born from the synthesis of cotton and cellulose pulp.

One of the strengths of cellulose acetate is in fact its resistance and elasticity, it does not deteriorate or discolour and is naturally non-toxic and non-polluting.
The second is naturally the beauty of the colors and textures, from solid colors to the many tortoiseshell shades, a mosaic of shades and textures that will make up the essence of MIRA eyewear.

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Dune sunglasses Mira Capalbio Dune sunglasses Mira Capalbio
Mira CapalbioDune sunglasses
Sale price$252.00 USD
Oltremare sunglasses Mira Capalbio Oltremare sunglasses Mira Capalbio
Mira CapalbioOltremare sunglasses
Sale price$319.00 USD
Brigantello sunglasses Mira Capalbio Brigantello sunglasses Mira Capalbio
Mira CapalbioBrigantello sunglasses
Sale price$263.00 USD
Maremma sunglasses Mira Capalbio Maremma sunglasses Mira Capalbio
Mira CapalbioMaremma sunglasses
Sale price$273.00 USD

You might wonder...

Of course, upon request and thanks to our partner opticians, you can fit prescription lenses.

Of course, the case and box are also supplied, these are handcrafted and 100% made in Italy.

Acetate is a malleable material and adapts to the face with heat, so after a few days of use it will adapt to your head.


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