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“Marechiaro Jewellery is a love letter to nature.”

Italian jewellery designer, from Napoli, Francesca studied fashion design at 'Politecnico of Milano'. Meanwhile she attended various jewelry courses at the 'Scuola Orafa Ambrosiana' in Milan. After the studies she went to have a work experience in London, working for a young and talented jewellery designer, this gave her a first idea of how the small jewellery businesses works and she learned many things about it.

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Crafting Fluidity: The Artistry of Francesca Through Wax Carving and Silversmithing

Francesca use both the wax carving technique and silversmithing to create her pieces. She uses the lost wax technique to give an organic shape to her jewellery, and silversmith to complete them after they have been casted, or to make the more geometric pieces. She loves to find the ways to give fluidity to an hard metal like silver, that's why she explore different texture and shapes with the wax carving.

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Marechiaro - Seta Lariat Necklace Seta Lariat Necklace
Inca Chocker Necklace Gold - Marechiaro Inca Choker Necklace
Marechiaro JewelleryInca Choker Necklace
Sale priceFrom $138.00 USD
Marechiaro_MareaHoops Marea Hoops
Marechiaro JewelleryMarea Hoops
Sale price$155.00 USD
Marechiaro - Round Earrings Round Earrings
Marechiaro JewelleryRound Earrings
Sale price$149.00 USD
Marechiaro_MisenoRing Miseno Ring
Marechiaro JewelleryMiseno Ring
Sale price$155.00 USD
Azulejos Ring - Marechiaro Marechiaro-AzulejosRing
Marechiaro_MareaSkinnyRing Marea Skinny Ring
Marechiaro_MareaRing Marea Ring
Marechiaro JewelleryMarea Ring
Sale price$116.00 USD

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Yes I do, and I love one of a kind projects! Just reach out to TA-DAAN in chat or via e-mail and we'll let you know if we can meet your needs.

or Earrings and Necklace, more than 12 months, for Rings, about 12 months, just take care to take off your jewelry when you shower and apply perfume and lotions before wearing your jewellery.


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