Libre Argile


Libre Argile

Marseille, FRANCE

“Clay as soul anchor, tea as soul ink.”

Elodie is a ceramist specialised in teawares. She comes from the french Alps and spend her childhood hunting stones and playing with mud. After her diplome at Beaux-Art in Grenoble, she went to Lyon where she spend 11 years, had her master degree in cinematographic researches and worked for 7 years at Institut Lumière, cinematheque of Lyon.

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Elodie's Ceramics: Craftsmanship, Creativity, and Constant Improvement

All Elodie's ceramics are made by herself in her workshop in Marseille she shared with two other ceramists.
Her main tool is the electric wheel, and she uses only stoneware as clay. White, beige and red. She fired her ceramics twice in an electric kiln. One fire is at 980°C, then she glazes her ceramics and put it back into the kiln at 1280°C.
For a teapot, which is her specialty, She need 1 month of work, from the ball of clay to the final product. She does maximum 4 teapots in the same time. This is the most difficult piece to do in ceramic because of all the requirement it asks. Every steps can be fatal until the end and this is all this suspense and the technicity it demands which makes Elodie loving her job.

She also prepares her own glaze. She does researches for months to find which consistence and what color she wants. This is fascinating and chemical calculus above all.
To always improve herself she does a formation every year in glaze researches or in other ceramic techniques.

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Lotus Gong Fu Tea Cups MIX - Set of 6 (-35%) Lotus Gong Fu Tea Cups MIX - Set of 6 (-35%)
Pear Teapot with filter Pear Teapot with filter
Libre ArgilePear Teapot with filter
Sale price$173.00 USD
Gaïwan - Zhong Tea infuser Gaïwan - Zhong Tea infuser
Libre ArgileGaïwan - Zhong Tea infuser
Sale price$89.00 USD
Good Grip Tea Cups MIX - Set of 6 (-25%) Good Grip Tea Cups MIX - Set of 6 (-25%)
Chawan Matcha Bowls MIX - Set of 6 (-20%) Chawan Matcha Bowls MIX - Set of 6 (-20%)
Chawan Matcha Bowl for Chanoyu Chawan Matcha Bowl for Chanoyu
Libre ArgileChawan Matcha Bowl for Chanoyu
Sale priceFrom $62.00 USD
Lotus Gong Fu Tea Cup Lotus Gong Fu Tea Cup
Libre ArgileLotus Gong Fu Tea Cup
Sale priceFrom $27.00 USD
Good Grip Tea Cup Good Grip Tea Cup
Libre ArgileGood Grip Tea Cup
Sale priceFrom $40.00 USD


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