Manon Louaisil - Je Tufte Donc Je Suis


Je tufte donc je suis

La Rochelle, France

"A unique design creation for a unique interior!"

Born in Brittany, in the west of France, Manon grew up in the countryside where nature would become her greatest inspiration.

She continued her studies in graphic design and then in fashion, where she discovered textile design. At school, she experimented with materials and textures through illustration and styling.

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Value in the details

Armed with tufting gun

Tufting is an artisanal technique for making a rug with a tufting gun that inserts woolen threads into a canvas. After gluing, the rug is carefully trimmed, giving life to the playful shapes typical of Je Tufte Donc Je Suis.

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Tufted Flower - Green Red Tufted Flower - Green Red
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Tufted Flower - Orange Lilac Rug Tufted Flowers
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Tufted Flower - White Yellow Tufted Flower - White Yellow
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Tufted Flower - Yellow Orange Tufted Flower - Yellow Orange
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Tufted Flower - Light Blue Green Tufted Flower - Light Blue Green
Tufted Lava - Light Blue Roy Blue Tufted Lava - Light Blue Roy Blue
Tufted Lava - Lilac Orange Tufted Lava - Lilac Orange
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Tufted Lava - Black White Tufted Lava - Black White

You might wonder...

Medium Flowers and Medium Lava are designed to be hanged on the wall: they come with a triangular hanger on the back.
Everything is settled: you will only decide where to place it ☺️ 🌼

(Of course, you can also decide not to hang it)

Manon is focused on circularity! Indeed she uses second hand wool only...what was old is new again!


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