I Cognito Filipe Fonseca Portrait

Filipe Fonseca

I Cognito

Porto, Portugal

"Highlighting each person's personality, in a cry of self-esteem and confidence, aiming to be the indispensable complement to those who wear them."

Filipe Fonseca, Designer and Ceo of the brand I Cognito, graduated in Fine Arts and Goldsmithery. He has always been interested in the world of jewellery, where he sees the pieces as small sculptures, true works of art full of detail, which live through the body of those who wear them.

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Value in the details

Goldsmithing tradition

I Cognito uses manual and traditional techniques of Portuguese jewellery and goldsmithery. Techniques and knowledge that have endured in history through small local and mostly family workshops, which makes them unique and authentic, and is reflected in the detail and quality of their products.

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I ring polished big I ring polished big
I CognitoI ring polished big
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I CognitoPHILIC ring big
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I CognitoPHILIC ring small
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I CognitoI ring polished small
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I CognitoI ring textured big
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