Generazione Zordan


Generazione Zordan

Pesaro, Italy

"Less is more"

Generation Zordan is the cradle of Gloria’s ideas born from ceramics and goldsmithing, in fact the project wants to make nature, technology and experimentation communicate to each other. Ceramics and jewels together generate an earth-person relationship, but also a boundless and utopian sense. The key points that distinguish each product are sustainability and recycling.

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Value in the details

A Journey with Clay and Silver

Each piece is made from a mould created from a hand-finished block of clay, then fired and subsequently enamelled and fired again. The design of the jewellery combines beauty and comfort, using innovative techniques and 925 silver.

6 products
Texan Boot Vase Texan Boot Vase
Generazione ZordanTexan Boot Vase
Sale price$209.00 USD
Hoops Blast Up Earrings Hoops Blast Up Earrings
Generazione ZordanHoops Blast Up Earrings
Sale priceFrom $185.00 USD
Boots Necklace Boots Necklace
Generazione ZordanBoots Necklace
Sale price$163.00 USD
Boots Bracelet Boots Bracelet
Generazione ZordanBoots Bracelet
Sale price$147.00 USD
Siccità Ear Cuff Siccità Ear Cuff
Generazione ZordanSiccità Ear Cuff
Sale price$96.00 USD
Siccità Ring Siccità Ring
Generazione ZordanSiccità Ring
Sale price$172.00 USD

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