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“Handshaped ceramics to romantic daily life.”

Mare graduated as a journalist in the middle of a very uncertain time (2020, anyone remember?) and felt a bit lost in the world. Since she couldn't find work and couldn't travel the world, she decided to enjoy taking a moment to think about what she really wanted in this life. She loves working with her hands and creating something out of nothing, so not much later her passion project around ceramics was born.

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From Clay to Canvas: The Art of Handcrafted Pottery

Every piece takes around 3 weeks to be finished. First the clay is prepared and shaped with the pinchot technique. After drying a couple hours the handles are rolled and attach to the mug. The piece is left to dry for around 7 days. Once the piece is dry, it's smoothened with a sponge and she puts the pieces in the oven for their first bake. A good 24 hours later the pieces are collected from the oven, soaked in water and ready to be painted. First Mare draws the design with pencil and then paints a minimum of 2 layers of each design. After letting the design dry a bit, it's painted again with 2 coats of clear glaze which will make the piece food safe. After cleaning the bottoms of the pieces she puts them back in the oven to be baked on 1250 degrees. A couple of days later she takes them out, sands the bottoms to not leave any marks on the tables and the pieces are finally ready to be shipped out.

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Cowgirl Cup Daily dose ceramics Cowgirl cup
Daily Dose CeramicsCowgirl Cup
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Stripe Mug Daily Dose Ceramics Stripe mug
Daily Dose CeramicsStripe Mug
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Checkers Mug Checkers Mug
Daily Dose CeramicsCheckers Mug
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Cow Mug Daily dose ceramics Cow Mug
Daily Dose CeramicsCow Mug
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Matcha Bowl Daily Dose Ceramics Matcha Bowl
Daily Dose CeramicsMatcha Bowl
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Stripe Mug MIX - Set of 4 (-15%) Stripe Mug MIX - Set of 4 (-15%)
Checkers Mug MIX - Set of 4 (-15%) Daily dose ceramics Checkers Mug
Hearts Mug Hearts Mug
Daily Dose CeramicsHearts Mug
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