Clementine Causse


Clementine Causse

Chirols, FRANCE

“Making pots like Nature make stones”

Clementine has always been passionate by crafts and nature. After studying design, she travelled around from Colorado to New Zealand, to learned and worked with different potters. Her apprenticeship of the ancestral arts of throwing, of glazing and wood firing is also linked with the discovery of astounding landscapes and many greats treasures of the world geology.

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Value in the details

A Journey in Clay and Fire

All her pieces are meticulously handcrafted, mostly on the wheel, a technique that endlessly captivates her.

After shaping the clay on the wheel into bowls, cups, or plates, she trims the bottoms and adds handles or spouts when needed.

Following a bisque firing, some pieces are coated with her homemade ash and clay glaze, resulting in smooth, delicate colors after a 1260° gas kiln firing.

Others undergo a unique smock-firing method, fired at the same temperature, but surrounded by collected plant materials, creating smoky shades from red to black.

The firing process, taking around eight hours, is where the magic happens, as clay turns into stoneware. After a day of cooling, she uncovers her finished pieces, a culmination of weeks of work, ready to share with the world.

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Smocky Tea Pot - Clementine Causse Smocky Tea Pot
Clementine CausseSmocky Tea Pot
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Smocky Pitcher - Clementine Causse Smocky Pitcher
Clementine CausseSmocky Pitcher
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Smocky cup - Clementine Causse Smocky cup - Clementine Causse
Clementine CausseSmocky cup
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Ash Bowl - Clementine Causse Ash Bowl - Clementine Causse
Clementine CausseAsh Bowl
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Ash Cup - Clementine Causse Ash Cup
Clementine CausseAsh Cup
Sale priceFrom $39.00 USD

You might wonder...

No, since I avoid working with toxic or heavy metallic oxides, I cannot obtain a large panel of bright colors.


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