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“Hardcore handicraft. A sustainable, sociocultural project between Berlin & Chiapas.”

They are a small label from Berlin with their heart in the right place. Values such as sustainability, social responsibility and honest handcraft are the cornerstones of their design process. As he discovered the net bag of the Maya people several years ago while visiting a museum for ethnography, he was immediately fascinated by its delicate appearance. This net made of plant fibres, with its cool, dry, fibrous feel and its smoky smell, was able to stretch to almost twice its width, easily sprung back to its original size, was highly robust and thus could carry heavy loads. On the upper edge of the net, two simple loops were integrated, to which a simple leather strap was fastened.

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Sustainable Resilience: The Art of Crafting Cho'jac Nets

Thanks to the Agave plant fibers used in the net, which are turned into a delicate yet surprisingly stretchy mesh over the course of several weeks of work, the net is highly resilient. The knowledge and technique needed to produce the Cho’jac is passed on to future generations by word of mouth.

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The Rucksack (two-in-one) The Rucksack (two-in-one)
Cho'jac itemsThe Rucksack (two-in-one)
Sale priceFrom $488.00 USD
The String bag (two-in-one) The String bag (two-in-one)
Cho'jac itemsThe String bag (two-in-one)
Sale price$254.00 USD

You might wonder...

With the sales and promotion of their work and products we support the artisan families directly. Furthermore, we finance low threshold, public and free courses in Chiapas (The use of the Cho’jac nets is historically rooted in the Mayan tradition for over 7’000 years but is about to be extinct). We aim for this unique cultural heritage to be promoted and the historical knowledge to be shared and revived for future generations.
By our continuous cultural work on an international level and by sharing information about the project, as well as the history behind this ancient craft. In schools, universities and on public events, we ensure to foster and sponsor the community in various ways through diverse channels and to their favor.

They are kindly supported by CIPRI, the international Cultural Intellectual Property Rights Initiative which supports the recognition of cultural IP rights© for craftsmen and women who are the custodians and transmitters of traditional garments, traditional designs and traditional manufacturing techniques.
Also they have collaborated since the beginning of our project with the well-known Mexican NGO Impacto, a civil organization committed to the sustainable development of indigenous people. Through the philanthropic fusion and social entrepreneurship, which includes ethical trade, gender perspective, social justice as well as human and economic development as their guiding axes, they promote best practices and share knowledge throughout the region of Chiapas, Mexico.
Finally, they work with the Swiss consultancy studio Toqapu which is devoted to support intangible cultural heritage through design. They connect artisan communities in rural areas with the growing demand for authentic, high-quality and sustainable products in urban cities across the world. Through close cooperation with artisans, designers and specialists, they contribute to the preservation of invaluable cultural traditions, while also spurring innovation and trade.
Also Cho’jac items is an official friend of the New European Bauhaus Initaitive and part of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation community.

Yes, indeed. All the parts of your Cho’jac item can be replaced, renewed or if possible repaired. We strongly support sustainability and the re-use of all our products.
Please write us a message with photos and the description of your problem, so we can inform you about eventual costs and possibilities to fix your beloved item.


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