Carolina Ravarini


Carolina Ravarini

Milan, Italy

"Ray of Life is a way of life; being surrounded by good people, cheerful colors, symbols that recall happy memories. Living with a smile on my face brings positivity to everyday life. Ray of Life is yellow, sunshine and light."

Carolina, grown up between art, nature and design, graduated in Law, decides to present to the world her jewelry collection with her handmade brand.

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Value in the details


The creative process begins in Carolina's studio in Milan, where she works on each creation with great care, starting from the first sketch, through the selection of materials and the development of the final samples of each piece of jewelry.

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Laurel Earrings Laurel Earrings
Carolina RavariniAtene Laurel Earrings
Sale price$148.00 USD Regular price$174.00 USD
Earcuff ginkgo Earcuff ginkgo
Carolina RavariniGinkgo Ear cuff
Sale price$66.00 USD
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Palermo Ginkgo Ring Palermo Ginkgo Ring
Carolina RavariniPalermo Ginkgo Ring
Sale price$157.00 USD Regular price$185.00 USD
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Stresa Ivy Earrings Ivy Earrings
Carolina RavariniStresa Ivy Earrings
Sale price$157.00 USD Regular price$185.00 USD
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Caterpillar Earrings Caterpillar Earrings
Carolina RavariniMarrakech Caterpillar Earrings
Sale price$138.00 USD Regular price$163.00 USD
Save $30.00
Jellyfish Earrings Jellyfish Earrings
Carolina RavariniJellyfish Earrings
Sale price$166.00 USD Regular price$196.00 USD
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Palermo Maxi Ginkgo Earrings Palermo Maxi Ginkgo Earrings
Carolina RavariniPalermo Maxi Ginkgo Earrings
Sale priceFrom $166.00 USD Regular price$196.00 USD
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Palermo Mini Ginkgo Earrings Palermo Mini Ginkgo Earrings
Carolina RavariniPalermo Mini Ginkgo Earrings
Sale priceFrom $157.00 USD Regular price$185.00 USD
Save $18.00
Ginkgo Maxi Earrings Ginkgo Maxi Gilded Silver
Carolina RavariniMaxi Ginkgo Earrings
Sale priceFrom $106.00 USD Regular price$124.00 USD

You might wonder...

No. Please do not put them in contact with alcohol or perfume.

The product will come with a polishing cloth. You can clean the products with it.

Carolina Ravarini jewels are great gifts as each one has a meaning!
🍁💪🏼 Go for a piece from the Ginkgo collection for those who want to start again, they are positive and believe in their abilities!
🐛🦋 Pick the Caterpillar instead if that person has the courage to change for what they believe and never gives up!
🍀🎓 Atens Laurel is perfect for someone working hard to achieve their goal: wish them luck! (great for a degree gift)


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