Carmine Marini


Carmine Marini

Bruxelles, Belgium

“La mailles, le point, la ligne, le fil, la couleur.”

On the islands of Lake Titicaca, the weavers are mostly men.
They go everywhere with their tools, weaving on every path and in all weathers.
Their weavings are also part of their skin, as they wear their stories. This second skin has had a profound effect on him, crochet has become an extension of his body, enabling him both to meditate and to express his story and his personality.

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Value in the details

Evolutionary Motif Vase

The vase gradually takes on a unique shape made up of repetitive motifs thanks to a special crochet stitch technique based on tension and widening.
The crochet stitch used is also unique.
The creative process involves nothing more than cotton thread and crochet: the structure takes shape naturally thanks to the different tension stitches used during the assembly of the vase, so no structure is used.

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Bob vase crochet Carmine Marini Bob vase crochet Carmine Marini
Carmine MariniBob vase
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Carmine MariniJimi vase
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Carmine MariniPaul vase
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Carmine MariniJohn vase
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You might wonder...

No, the work solidifies thanks to the tension of the stitch. There are no added products or structures.

He discovered it during a tapestry course he was lucky enough to have at his university (Académie des Beaux-Arts de Bruxelles).

No, everything is done from scratch because he doesn't take notes and he doesn't use conventional crochet stitches.


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