“Revive the captivating charm of an age-old tradition.”

Founded by friendly duo André and Catarina in 2020, Campante is a Portuguese tableware brand specialising in local embroidery techniques and partnering with resident artisanal experts to revive and sustain this traditional craft.

When returning to Porto to found a new family Andre as been inspired from the will of his wife of transforming her hereditary embroidery linens into beautiful new contemporary table linens.

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Campante's Artisanal Embroidery Unveiling Cultural Identity in Luxurious Table Linen Collections

Campante works with local embroidery artisans to produce luxurious collections of table linen. Revitalising practices such as the Bordado weaving technique, a traditional skill from the region developed for domestic use and trousseaux, this exquisite artistry beautifully presents our cultural identity.

The process begins by risking the motifs onto each piece of linen. This is done by hand, produtct by product.

Then the artisans embroider on top of these motifs, bringing them to life, giving them colour and prominence.
Finally, each product is hemned, also by hand.

8 products
Lobster Placemat Lobster Placemat
CampanteLobster Placemat
Sale price$297.00 USD
Artichoke Placemat Artichoke Placemat
CampanteArtichoke Placemat
Sale price$297.00 USD
Lobster Runner Lobster Runner
CampanteLobster Runner
Sale price$589.00 USD
Artichoke Runner Artichoke Runner
CampanteArtichoke Runner
Sale price$589.00 USD
Colorful Napkins Colorful Napkins
CampanteColorful Napkins
Sale price$36.00 USD
Cocktail Napkins - Set of 4 Cocktail Napkins - Set of 4
CampanteCocktail Napkins - Set of 4
Sale price$72.00 USD
Artichoke Tablecloth Artichoke Tablecloth
CampanteArtichoke Tablecloth
Sale price$1,009.00 USD
Lobster Tablecloth Lobster Tablecloth
CampanteLobster Tablecloth
Sale price$1,009.00 USD

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We do, in case of special request please contact us and we´ll let you know if can meet yout needs.

Use only cold water to wash the products.


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