Alexfrosum - Alex Anó



Barcelona, Spain

“Organic and transparent shapes with color details, looking for the simple."

Alexfrosum is the renowned glass brand founded by Alex, an accomplished artist who studied at the prestigious Massana School in Barcelona. After specializing in various glass techniques, Alex's passion for glassblowing flourished during a transformative stage in Germany, prompting him to dedicate himself wholly to this art form.

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Value in the details

Fascinating glass blowing

Alex works with the technique of blown glass, not using molds. This way he knows for sure that each piece is truly unique.

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Vase B green VAse B Green Ambre
AlexfrosumVase B
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Vase A green and white Vase A Dark green white
AlexfrosumVase A
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Hand blown glass Hand blown glass - Set of 6
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Bottle Blau Bottle Blau
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Glass flower vase - Set of 3 Glass flower vase - Set of 3

You might wonder...

Of course they are! Bottles and glasses can contain every beverage you like.

Yes, you can put glasses and bottles in the dishwasher.
To obtain the best results we suggest to cleaning the pieces with alcohol and rinse the pieces with distilled water.


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