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How to fix furniture with visible mending

Pro Tips with Sarah Neubert | Discover the art of visible mending and how it can revitalize your furniture. In collaboration with fiber artist Sarah Neubert, we present a step-by-step video tutorial on fixing cat scratches. Learn practical techniques to extend the lifetime of cherished pieces and embrace the beauty of visible mending.

Weaving Upholstery Mending

Cat claws, coffee stains, and pen marks are a well known threat to your sofa - and  what's worse is that these damages can seem impossible to repair. One fiber artist has a solution - to use the transformative power of visible mending to save your beloved furniture!

Fix furniture with visible mending - Sarah Neubert sofa Fix furniture with visible mending - Sarah Neubert sofa

After many requests, we are thrilled to present a detailed step-by-step woven upholstery mending tutorial in collaboration with the talented weaver, Sarah Neubert. You might have found her already in our blog post about textile artists.

Fix furniture with visible mending - Chair before mending Fix furniture with visible mending - chair after

Introducing Sarah Neubert

We are honored to collaborate with Sarah Neubert, a renowned fiber artist known for her exploration of human experience through weaving. Based in the high plains of Northern Colorado, Sarah brings a unique perspective to the world of textile art and craftsmanship.

Extending the Lifetime of Objects

We live in a world of fast-paced consumerism and disposability, which is harmful to our planet as a whole and to us as individuals - but it is possible to learn new ways to extend the lifespan of our belongings. By repairing and rejuvenating our furniture, we not only reduce waste, but also nurture our creativity and preserve the stories and memories associated with these cherished pieces.

visible mending - weaving with Sarah Neubert detail Fix furniture with visible mending - Sarah Neubert

The Art of Visible Mending

Visible mending is a creative and sustainable approach to repairing textiles and objects. Through visible mending, we embrace imperfections and see them as an opportunity to create beauty. We also honor the history of our belongings and infuse them with new life, turning flaws into unique features.

Fix furniture with visible mending - Sarah Neubert sofa

Prepare to Learn

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use weaving and darning techniques to make a beautiful visible repair to damaged upholstery. Check out the short version or the detailed premium version

You will need:

  • Sturdy weaving materials, such as cotton macramé rope or strips of heavy-duty fabric
  • Heavy, strong warp yarn that doesn’t stretch, such as hemp, linen, or cotton
  • One or two large wooden weaving needles
  • A curved upholstery needle
  • A washable fabric marking tool
  • A tape measure
  • Scissors

As You Work

Weaving and mending are slow crafts. Take your time to pay attention to the materials and how they interact; be careful not to pull yarns too tightly, and take lots of breaks to stretch, step back and see how your project is shaping up. Before long you’ll find your own mending rhythm! While you work, think about the significance of your project and what it means to give a damaged object new life.

Fix furniture with visible mending - Sarah Neubert preparation Fix furniture with visible mending - Sarah Neubert process

Calling All Artists

Are you inspired by this project? We invite artists and crafters to join us in celebrating contemporary craftsmanship and to reach out to us to propose a collaboration. By sharing pro tips to everyone, we can reimagine the possibilities of sustainable craftsmanship.
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Weaving Upholstery Mending