Alcobaça, Portugal

"Toino Abel is leading by example when it comes to innovation, design and the promotion of Portugal’s unique artistic past."

Artist Nuno Henriques founded TOINO ABEL in 2010 to save an original 100-year-old craft from his grandparents' small village on Portugal's central coast. From Berlin, he moved to his family's small village, where he learned and helped the remaining local craftsmen.

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Value in the details

Meditative practice

The making is done with extreme attention to detail and goes through many steps. No outsourced energy is needed in the making, except for warming the water to dye. The Soft-Rush is weaved in two manual wooden looms. TOINO ABEL's team weaves a meditative practice in their countryside studio, surrounded by nature.

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Mini Bag Mini Bag
Toino AbelMini Bag
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Basket Celeste Basket Celeste
Toino AbelBasket Celeste
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Toino AbelBasket Super Celeste
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Toino AbelPaula Bag
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Basket Gabriela Basket Gabriela
Toino AbelBasket Gabriela
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Toino AbelBasket n.7
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You might wonder...

They are a small team of three, two fixed and one person adding the handles in willow, a particular technique. They would like to have a bigger team and reach out to more people, as they know it would enrich the community and honor the world's artistic past.

Yes, their baskets are made to last. They are made for everyday use and are easy to repair with any unlikely damage.

Yes, TOINO ABEL was the first brand of Portuguese soft-rush baskets, coming from a production history within the same family for several generations. TOINO ABEL brings a fresh new approach to this ancient craft through its colorful designs and the working conditions it provides.


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