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A long journey

The work in ceramics can be seen as a quite long journey. From a lump of raw clay to a finished piece, many steps are passed - wheighing, wedging, throwing, trimming, glazing and firing are only some of them. The entire manufacturing process takes up to four weeks and thus requires a lot of patience and dedication.

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You might wonder...

Sure thing! All Studio Papaya cups are microwave safe!
Enjoy your drink

💜 Lilac Cup is super glossy

The other cups (Lola espresso cups and Erich cup) are available in both finishes:
💙 💚 Blue and Green are only matte
❤️ 💜 Red and Lilac are glossy instead

The girls of Studio Papaya love playing with glazings!


An ever growing community

Artisans, designers and creative minds are the protagonists! Do you want to join this amazing community? Reach out to us!