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“Made to order, made with love!”

Her name is Marine, and she is the creator of Studio numéroté. She has a creative background and studied at the Arts Décoratifs de Strasbourg in France. She has always been passionate about handmade work and unique, original objects. She worked for almost 10 years as a visual merchandiser for various Parisian brands before creating Studio numéroté.

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Value in the details

Custom Craftsmanship and Artisanal Woodworking for Unique Lamps

Manufacturing to order: She takes care of manufacturing from her workshop in Lyon, France, on a made-to-order basis. She doesn't have any pre-stock, so each lamp is created just for you! She gives time and special attention to each of your lamps, and hopes that this gives them a unique character.

Professional woodworking: She works with an independent craftsman with 30 years' professional experience in joinery. He's in charge of woodworking, water-based staining, and laser-cutting. His technique and professionalism give the lamps the quality finishes that are essential to her.

3 products
Large intertwined lamp Large intertwined lamp
Studio NumérotéLarge intertwined lamp
Sale price$318.00 USD
Small intertwined lamp Small intertwined lamp
Studio NumérotéSmall intertwined lamp
Sale price$258.00 USD
Baladeuse intertwined lamp Baladeuse intertwined lamp
Studio NumérotéBaladeuse intertwined lamp
Sale price$166.00 USD

You might wonder...

3 sizes, in ascending order: the baladeuse, the small lamp and the large lamp.

Yes, there are two different electrical options: She can install the option of your choice on the lamp.
- Table lamp option: 1m80 wire with socket and switch
- Suspended option: 1m80 wire and white metal rosette, to place the lamp as a ceiling fixture


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