Stanka Mila


Stanka Mila


"I love capturing the details that nature provides us."

Sandrine was born in 1974. She graduated in dental prosthetics and practiced this profession for several years, applying her knowledge. It was in 2015 that Stanka Mila was born. She started creating jewelry in her workshop based in Lyon and established the brand. She draws inspiration from the delicate forms of nature and their simplicity.

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Value in the details

Sculpting Nature: Stanka Mila's Handmade Jewelry with Lost Wax Technique

The Stanka Mila jewelry is designed and handmade using the ancient sculptural technique of lost wax casting. This ancient technique allows for the creation of sculptural forms with unique details and shapes

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PAVEL Necklace PAVEL Necklace
Stanka MilaPAVEL Necklace
Sale price$124.00 USD
VLAD Necklace VLAD Necklace
Stanka MilaVLAD Necklace
Sale price$124.00 USD
VEGETAL Earrings VEGETAL Earrings
Stanka MilaVEGETAL Earrings
Sale price$150.00 USD
PAVEL Earrings PAVEL Earrings
Stanka MilaPAVEL Earrings
Sale price$131.00 USD
VLAD Earrings VLAD Earrings
Stanka MilaVLAD Earrings
Sale priceFrom $147.00 USD


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