Celeste Gaia | Senzaquadro TA-DAAN



Milan, ITALY

In imperfection lies the beauty of details

Celeste Gaia is a multidisciplinary artist from Milan (Italy).
Graduated in Media Languages at Università Cattolica and Photography at IED, she worked for creative agencies and startups as a freelance artisan of words, photos and marketing plans. During the lockdown she created Senzaquadro, an artistic design project made of packaging waste, merging recycled materials, colors and words.

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Value in the details

A mix of techniques

She uses different techniques range from traditional painting to digital graphic, papier-mâché and collage, according to the surface that exhibit her works.
Everything is born with a message: a word, a phrase, a concept that can return in the different lines, while each creation is unique and numbered.

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