Sebastia Galbany Ceramics


Sebastia Galbany Ceramics

Barcelona, SPAIN

“Creating soulful ceramics is a way of connecting with myself, with nature and beyond. All of them being truly One. For me, creating ceramics is a spiritual practice.”

Sebastia is a former graphic designer and photographer. In a low moment in his life he decided to embark on a two year journey through South-East Asia. A trip which opened him up to Eastern philosophy, Buddhism and meditation. Practices that allowed him to connect with parts of himself that his life and work now draws on.

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Value in the details

An Artistic Craft with Clay and Fire

All his pieces are handmade. It is his way of establishing a direct dialogue with the clay, to infuse it with his artistic vision while respecting its will to express itself. Depending on the piece, he chooses to work on the potter’s wheel or just with his hands. He doesn’t sketch, he starts forming and lets the energy of the moment and the clay guide its process.
The pieces are formed one day and usually “trimmed” the next day. Trimming is the process in which you lighten the piece by thinning the walls and give the foot its final form.
All his pieces are “reduction fired” in a gas kiln.
This unique process, forces the fire to extract oxygen from the clay and from the glaze mid-firing, which causes a chemical reaction that makes all his glazes possible.
Firings usually take around 10 hours, in a completely manual kiln, until they reach a top temperature of 1280ºC.
All his processes are chosen with the intention of creating unique pieces that bear witness to their transformation and the impermanence that constantly surrounds us.

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You might wonder...

Those colors are given by the Shino glaze. A glaze famously known for being a difficult glaze to work with but if fired correctly allows for such variability, richness and depth.

Yes, but my recommendation is that you wash your ceramics by hand with care as regular use in the dishwasher may shorten its life.

No, they are not due to the iron content on the clay.


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