Milan, Italy

“Timeless jewelry inspired by the Milanese aesthetic of the 20th century”

After studying fashion design between Milan and New York and working as a designer first in Stockholm and then in Amsterdam, Ilaria returned to Milan, her hometown, in search of "her place". Once there, she decided to study goldsmithing at the Scuola Orafa Ambrosiana to follow her curiosity and passion for the world of jewelry.

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Value in the details

Sculptural forms with the lost-wax technique

Ramispera jewelry are mainly done with the lost-wax casting technique, an ancient technique that allows to create sculptural forms with unique details and shapes.

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Ramispera necklace brass Ramispera Ramispera necklace brass Ramispera
RamisperaRamispera necklace
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Tutti i giorni earrings brass Ramispera Tutti i giorni earrings brass Ramispera
RamisperaTutti i giorni earrings
Sale price$91.00 USD
Bombato ring brass Ramispera Bombato ring brass Ramispera
RamisperaBombato ring
Sale price$129.00 USD
A losanga ring brass Ramispera A losanga ring brass Ramispera
RamisperaA losanga ring
Sale price$129.00 USD
Ramispera ring brass Ramispera Ramispera ring brass Ramispera
RamisperaRamispera ring
Sale price$124.00 USD

You might wonder...

You can gently wipe the piece clean using a cotton cloth. In case of oxidation, your jewelry can be easily cleaned with any product suitable for brass.

Ramispera uses brass for its strong connection with Milanese architecture and the Italian design history of the 20th century. Brass express Ramispera's main concept.

The lozenge is Ramispera main symbol. It was used a lot by the famous architect Portaluppi, who incorporated it in many of his milanese projects.


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