Ossi di Seppia


Ossi di Seppia


"La pura magia della fusione in osso di seppia!"

“Ossi di Seppia” is a small artisanal goldsmith workshop in San Marino. Every step of the production process, entirely done by hand, from the initial design, mold creation, silver casting, to the finishing touches, is aimed at creating unique and unrepeatable jewelry.

Design, craftsmanship, and creativity seamlessly blend to achieve distinctive artifacts that are immediately recognizable for their originality.

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Value in the details

Craftsmanship with Cuttlefish Bone: Unique Jewelry Inspired by Nature

The cuttlefish bone, used as a creative tool, allows the creation of truly unique objects since a mold can be exploited only for a single casting, making each piece exclusive. Rubber molds for serial reproduction in lost wax are not used!

Therefore, “Ossi di Seppia” aims to offer artisanal jewelry for men and women, free from passing trends, and symbols of the uniqueness and genius inherent in nature itself.

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LUCE big ring LUCE big ring
Ossi di SeppiaLUCE big ring
Sale price$229.00 USD
LUCE small ring LUCE small ring
Ossi di SeppiaLUCE small ring
Sale price$215.00 USD
BassaMAREA ring BassaMAREA ring
Ossi di SeppiaBassaMAREA ring
Sale price$215.00 USD
Shining Badlands ring Shining Badlands ring
Astra ring Astra ring
Ossi di SeppiaAstra ring
Sale price$269.00 USD
Sirio ring Sirio ring
Ossi di SeppiaSirio ring
Sale price$293.00 USD
ALTOmare ring 1/3 ALTOmare ring 1/3
Ossi di SeppiaALTOmare ring 1/3
Sale price$135.00 USD
ALTOmare ring 2/3 ALTOmare ring 2/3
Ossi di SeppiaALTOmare ring 2/3
Sale price$215.00 USD
ALTOmare ring 3/3 ALTOmare ring 3/3
Ossi di SeppiaALTOmare ring 3/3
Sale price$294.00 USD


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