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Lava Objects

Barcelona, Spain

“I like to give life to the material with softer and delicate characteristics, transforming it into everyday objects without losing its raw essence."

Laura Aguilar is a designer from Costa Rica. She lives in Barcelona where she has founded Lava Objects.

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Value in the details

Intimacy between hands and material

Experimenting, feeling the material creates a sort of intimacy between hands and materials, which is so gratifying. There is a long way from the initial idea to the final product.

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Japón Cup Japón Cup
Lava ObjectsJapón Cup
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Cecilia Cup Cecilia Cup
Lava ObjectsCecilia Cup
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Saturno Vase Saturno Vase
Lava ObjectsSaturno Vase
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Vase M Vase M
Lava ObjectsVase M+
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Vase L Vase L+
Lava ObjectsVase L+
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You might wonder...

This collection of cups is decorative, not suitable to put food in them.

Not to get marks or stains, clean with water only.

Use them as simple as they are like a sculpture or to collect keys, coins and other small objects.


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