Keraban Joaillerie


Keraban Joaillerie

Toulouse, France

"Play it, Wear it!"

Sculptural and geometric patterns are the DNA of her Keraban collections, showcasing wearable pieces inspired by Noëmie's work-experience in architecture before becoming a jeweler. Each piece is unique and entirely made by hand in limited editions following traditional jewelry methods in her independent workshop based in the South of France.

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Value in the details

Uniquely handcrafted

Modern in design and versatile in wear, each piece is unique and 100% handcrafted by Noëmie herself in her independent jewelry workshop based in the South of France.

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Hooked Ear cuff Hooked Ear cuff
KerabanHooked Ear cuff
Sale price$67.00 USD
Unlock earrings Unlock Earrings
KerabanUnlock earrings
Sale price$261.00 USD
Salto Pearl earrings Salto Pearl earrings
KerabanSalto Pearl earrings
Sale priceFrom $194.00 USD
Hum cuff bracelet Hum cuff bracelet
KerabanHum cuff bracelet
Sale price$194.00 USD
Roundabout double-ring Roundabout double-ring
KerabanRoundabout double-ring
Sale price$144.00 USD

You might wonder...

YES! To ensure excellent craftsmanship and for eco-responsibility matters, she keeps very little quantities of her jewelry in stock.

Keraban jewelry are timeless pieces made to last. Always keep your jewelry out of humid environments to avoid their natural tarnishment. In general, wearing your Keraban jewelry on a daily basis will keep them from tarnishing. Otherwise jewelry can be easily cleaned by using a soft tooth brush and soapy water or a special polishing cloth.


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