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JL céramique

Marseille, FRANCE

“it's what I do that teaches me what I'm looking for” – Pierre Soulages

Julie is an architect by training; it is through working the earth that she now thinks about volumes. After starting to work with clay in modeling a few years ago, she trained throwing, a more precise technique which allows her to create refined pieces. Today she uses both techniques in her practice.

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The Art of Patience and Precision: Julie's Journey in Throwing Pottery on the Wheel

Julie practices throwing (potter's wheel) for most of the pieces she produces. It is a process that requires technique and patience.
First you need to weigh your clay and knead it into a small ball, then you can move onto the potter's wheel.
After a few days of drying under close supervision, you return your piece and sculpt base using specific tools. This is a real meditative part!
Once completely dried, you finally have to fire your pieces twice: at 980 degrees first and then at 1250 degrees.

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Sable Pitcher and Four Coffee Cups (-17%) Sable Pitcher and Four Coffee Cups (-17%)
Deep Sea Coffee Cup Deep Sea Coffee Cup
JL ceramiqueDeep Sea Coffee Cup
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Sable Pitcher Sable Pitcher
JL ceramiqueSable Pitcher
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Sable Bowl Sable Bowl
JL ceramiqueSable Bowl
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Sable Coffee Cup Sable Coffee Cup
JL ceramiqueSable Coffee Cup
Sale priceFrom $53.00 USD

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They are very similar but slight variations in color or size are possible as everything is handmade.

Yes you can put them in the dishwasher, but I prefer gentle washing to preserve my dishes as long as possible.

No, it will be surprising at most!


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