Inês Telles


Inês Telles

Lisbon, Portugal

"Jewelry can serve as both functional and meaningful adornment for the human body, with designs that rare versatile and comfortable but also deeply symbolic."

Inês developed her first collections in 2009 and the designer jewelery brand bears her name – Inês Telles. In 2010 he participates in the first International Fair in Paris - Bijorhca, and has maintained a regular presence in diverse presentations in various cities of the world (especially Paris, Munich, São Paulo, San Francisco and Tokyo stand out).

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Value in the details

Authenticity at its core

Inês Telles is a brand whose main premise is to maintain its essence of authenticity, honesty and love for the jewelry it creates.

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Ines TellesOdara earrings 234
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You might wonder...

Yes, only in Inês Telles brand jewelry. They make all the necessary arrangements and maintenance for your jewelry to look like new. If it is within the warranty period and accompanied by the warranty or the invoice, no amount will be charged. Otherwise, it will have a reasonable cost to be agreed upon prior to repair.


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