Rennes, FRANCE

“Meaningful jewelry shaped by my hands and inspired by nature’s mysteries.”

Camille-Victoire founded Fontennoy at the end of 2021 driven by a true desire to better understand who she was. She's always loved to create imaginary worlds and manual work is probably her favorite way of expressing herself.

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Value in the details

Handcrafting with the Lost Wax Technique

Camille-Victoire design and craft every piece herself by hand in her workshop in French Brittany using the lost wax savoir-faire.

Firstly, she sculpts the desired piece using beeswax, crafting its intricate form with precision and care. Next, the wax model is encased in a heat-resistant material, forming a mold that preserves its contours. As the mold is heated, the wax melts away, leaving an empty space within. Molten metal is then poured into this void, filling it entirely and adopting the shape of the original wax model. Once the metal cools and solidifies, the mold is carefully removed, revealing the unique jewelry piece.

Camille-Victoire only works with a small casting family-owned company based in Ardèche. For any gold plating work, she entrusts artisans in Doubs.
All jewelry is hallmarked.

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Oracle Auspicious Ring Oracle Auspicious Ring
FontennoyOracle Auspicious Ring
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Lost Medallion Necklace Lost Medallion Necklace
FontennoyLost Medallion Necklace
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Coquille Necklace Coquille Necklace
FontennoyCoquille Necklace
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Bourriche Necklace Bourriche Necklace
FontennoyBourriche Necklace
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Mini Jurassic Stud Earrings Mini Jurassic Stud Earrings
Maxi Jurassic Stud Earrings Maxi Jurassic Stud Earrings
Oysters Pearl Earrings Oysters Pearl Earrings
FontennoyOysters Pearl Earrings
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You might wonder...

To ensure a high quality standard to all of my pieces, necklaces and earrings are carefully plated using a 3 microns layer of 23k gold. Rings are plated with a 5 microns layer of 23k gold. Fontennoy jewelry is also hallmarked.

Fontennoy’s gold plated jewelry has a certified heavy gold plated coating of 3 microns using 23K gold. This heavy gold plated process allows your jewelry pieces to last longer.
Please be aware that contact with a humid environment, chemicals in lotions, skin acidity or perfumes or soaps can affect the gold layer on your jewelry. Swimming, showering, exercising or sleeping with your jewelry on is not recommended. As for silver jewelry, try to store it away from direct light.

Yes, she does take custom orders for any ring size! In case of special request do reach out to TA-DAAN in chat or via e-mail.


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