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Bayonne, FRANCE

Joyful and environmentally respectful objects conscientiously crafted in the Basque Country.

Emekitu was founded in 2017 by Mieke Mertens, a photo stylist and set designer. Drawing inspiration from the exceptional nature of the Basque Country, with a desire to pay homage to it, she is now dedicated to crafting environmentally-conscious objects and lighting fixtures.

Her creative process always begins with a thoughtful consideration of how to integrate and showcase noble materials, sourced from tree felling and transformed into everyday disposable objects such as paper, cardboard, as well as crate wood and other overlooked scraps.

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Value in the details

A sustainable design journey

Mieke draws inspiration from nature, exploring materials she wishes to recycle. Then, she embarks on a design journey, considering form, color, and texture. This stage often involves long periods of experimentation. Once the perfect design is chosen, she moves to the prototyping phase. When everything meets her standards, she begins production in small batches.

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Handmade striped vase - Emekitu Handmade striped vase - Emekitu
EmekituWave COOL Vase
Sale price$85.00 USD
Amphora Wave Vase Amphora Wave Vase
EmekituAmphora Wave Vase
Sale price$197.00 USD
Wave COOL Precious Vase Wave COOL Precious Vase
EmekituWave COOL Precious Vase
Sale price$85.00 USD
Archi COOL Precious Vase Archi COOL Precious Vase
EmekituArchi COOL Precious Vase
Sale price$69.00 USD
Archi COOL Vase Archi COOL Vase
EmekituArchi COOL Vase
Sale price$69.00 USD

You might wonder...

Yes, of course. Our vases contain a recycled glass bottle, and their walls can withstand small splashes without any issue.


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